HL's Ringtone is the perfect ringtone for your iPhone!
Loud, progressive and distinguishable!

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The Missing iPhone Ringtone

"If you like this sort of ringtone, you might prefer this one from Helder Luis,
which sounds very similar but fades in progressively,
so it starts quiet but gets louder the longer you go without answering the call."

John Gruber @ Daring Fireball

It just works! No bells and no whistles!

The only ringtone you'll ever need. Period.


Set your iPhone to vibrate as it rings and this ringtone will start subtle and go all the way to wake you up from sleep or get your attention in a busy street.


It goes all the way up untill 11. Trust me, you will hear it, like you heard your old Nokia or Eriksson phone in the old days. It just works.


In a sea of polyphonic ringtones and questinable music choices, this ringtone comes as a welcomed and sane choice.

Free to Use

Feel free to use it for personal use. If you like it and feel like sharing, donate. Other uses, let's talk.

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